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Changed my life

Wonderful and the memory foam is amazing and no pressure on my eyes!
I've never liked sleep masks but need one as my partner uses his laptop in bed when I'm trying to sleep. This has changed my life

A Blessed relief

The pack has given a lot of relief on my neck and is so nice and warm I don't want to take it of.

Love it! I really like the way I can just lie down flat, and gently turn my head to get that massage right where I need it.

In Love ❤️

I'm so in love with my silk sleep mask. It lives up completely to the description. Thank you thank you thank you to the company, service and product. Love Love Love ❤️

Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles
Boris Polyachenko
I think these insoles are average


Knee compression sleeve support.

Love it wear it every time i am out and about.

Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves the way it heats up so quickly and helps her period pain.

I love the way this stays on so easily and maintains warmth for ages.

Fast shipping

These arrived after 2 days- happy with fast shipping. Also fit nicely in my shoes and work well relieving my sore feet. Thanks!

Light weight and effective

This neck massager works the exact area that I need. It's lightweight but heats and works my lower neck. I use it while working too.

Hits the spot!

Love this easy to use massage thingy for my neck, back and legs.

These tools work great and give all sorts of different massage based on what I feel like.

Wasn't sure if the higher price was worth it, but after using for a week it really made life easier. Was able to move around a bit more freely than I usually can once the heat had settled the discomfort. Thank you!

This little device is such a blessing. I usually use heat packs but get annoyed when I have to keep returning to the microwave. This stays charged for ages and really knocks the pain on the head.

Great product, really helps with the pain.

This product is really great. I use it on my lower back when sitting upright and occasionally lay flat for my upper back/neck. Love the way it really works my muscles.

good comfort

I am an 80 y.o. lady with tendinopathy, received my wrap today and have used it twice. I find it very soothing, it fits well around the neck and shoulders and smells good. Hopeful of some good healing results. Thank you.

I sit at a computer 5 days a week for 8 hours a day.My back and neck pain is beyond terrible.I toss and turn a lot at night and sometimes it's hard to fall asleep.I got addicted to this massager instantly.It just feels so amazing!.I'm in heaven!.I'm going to try my best to not over use it.I definitely recommend this massager!

Neck Massager Pillow with Heat

Delivers just the right amount of heat and vibration to ease my lower back pain.

Quality product. Does the job.

I bought this for my boyfriend, he was so stiff he could no longer move his neck. Once he started using this it broke down all of his knots and he has full range of motion. this is a great product.

This gives you a deep massage. I neck and back pain, I no longer need to ask someone to shove their elbow into my back because this gets in there.

It was definitely worth the money and has definitely helped with the stress feeling in my necks and back I get from sitting at work all day.